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Information about Gone Minnie - Blue By Whatshisname: Contemporary artist Whatshisname fuses the digital and the traditional to create provocative works of art. Attempting to express the ineffable, Whatshisname challenges his viewer to refocus on the world around them, questioning what they see in unorthodox and unconventional ways. Often parodic, and always saturated with humour and irony, Whatshisname's work is powerfully visual, creating instantaneous connection with every viewer. 'Gone Minnie - Blue' depicts the silhouette of Disney's iconic mouse, seen as if behind a layer of blue translucence. As Minnie presses her hand against the impenetrable barrier, the familiar figure becomes a sudden spectacle, all childish humour drained away and replaced with a haunting impression. Playing with the two-dimensional surface, Whatshisname creates an illusionistic sense of depth, transcending expectations of the printed form with compelling visual prowess.

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