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Information about Proteus By Paul Huxley: One of the most significant British Abstract Expressionist artists of the twentieth century, Paul Huxley is known for his large-scale paintings, which combine experimental perspective with linear lines, distorted geometry with dynamic illusion. Panels of flat colour in dusky-pink, violet, and inky black; psychedelic semi-circles of spinning, striated monochrome; a single, sky-blue block, tilted at a teetering angle, with all of the force of a Malevich construction: words cannot do justice to Huxley's abstract screen print 'Proteus', a visual tour-de-force, that seamlessly blends American Abstract Expressionism, Russian Constructivism, and 1960s British Op-Art for a radically innovative work from one of the twentieth century's key players in the development of abstract art as we know it.

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