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Information about Rocket By Gavin Dobson: Contemporary artist and print maker Gavin Dobson creates bold, iconic images, capturing movement and dynamism with his distinctive style. His work is infused with a sense of nostalgia, often generated through a keen sensitivity to colour: from bold, saturated hues, to charcoal, greyscale, or delicate, washed out tones, Dobson's eye for tonality artfully gestures towards memories of the past. 'Rocket' powerfully evokes childhood nostalgia, with its bold depiction of the 1970s ice lolly. Long, hot summers at the beach, the delicious taste of the brightly coloured lolly (and the sticky hands for hours afterwards!) are all captured in Dobson's print, which is knowingly evocative of school paint classes, with its blocky technique. Smart and dynamic 'Rocket' is not simply ornamentation, but a beautiful opening for feelings, thoughts, and conversation.

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